Ty Dolla $ign ft. Future ‘Campaign’ Song Review

So it’s election day, half of the world is upset, the other half is jumping for joy, being a Brit, I’m neither in all honesty. But you know what the real travesty is? The thing that really has peeved me off? Well that thing, is this track. What a travesty to music. It’s hilariously bad. After Future’s last track I promised myself that I wasn’t going to listen to anymore songs that he was apart of… Why did I break that promise… Currently he holds the first and second places on my worst list of the year, that’s an achievement all in itself. I doubt even Rebecca Black or PSY could do that.

The production? Well the production is awful. The bassy trap beat swamps the mix with it’s muffled low end, the vocals are unlistenable and the synths/synth melody possesses no life. But that auto tune… Will someone please take away the auto tune from Future! Now I moan all the time about people copying Future with said auto tune, but somehow Future remains the worst user of said procedure. He butchers every single he’s on with this jarbly sound; like I said, it’s unlistenable.

Musicali— Why am I talking about the musicality when it comes to a Future song. You already know it’s non existent and that the whole track is a mess going in, why do you need me to tell you again?

Lyrica— Why am I even talking about the lyrical content in a Future song. You know I couldn’t decipher a word anyway and don’t act like you could!

All in all I’m not going to even waste my breath or my time talking about this song any longer. It has no effort, yet again there isn’t a single redeemable factor, and Future continues to prove why he is the worst rapper on the face of the Earth right now. As for Ty Dolla $ign? Well it’s fair to say that I don’t want to check this artist out ever again.

0/10 -This song contains not a single factor that is musically competent.


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