Wiley ft. Devlin ‘Bring Them All/Holy Grime’ Song Review

So I was moaning about the lack of rap content here on the site recently, and now we have three rap reviews in one day; has some mega label executive been reading or something? If so, hello how are you? Why do you keep throwing Future songs at me you know I don’t like them it’s not fun— I think I should get back onto the point here. So Wiley is back with a brand new track and you’re here to know what I thought of it. If you didn’t already know, my last outing into grime ended up very sour; I’m looking at you Section Boyz. So it’s up to these two to pull me back into the genre, how did they do?

Well it’s okay, it’s hardly something to write home about but it’s a definite improvement on what I’ve heard before. The flows here are better, the performances are more professional and the whole song just seemed like a more competent production. Clearly there are some better producers on this thing and we are exposed to two people who are clear masters of their draft. Devlin in particular has been in the scene for God know’s how long now and I’ve never really found his performances that boring.

Production wise, as I’ve hinted, the song is pretty good for a grime track. The instrumentation sounds a little more organic and well layered, and there isn’t a single aspect that swamps the mix. The vocal tracks are left pretty natural and each word hence has a ton of diction making each verse very listenable and very understandable. Good job to whoever produced this track, you earnt your dinner today.

Musicality wise this song is pretty dull but it’s not bad. I just didn’t find it that catchy and unfortunately we don’t even have a hook to really grasp onto. The song is just a series of verses with repeating instrumental progressions in the background; it’s hardly Michael Tippett’s concerto for double string orchestra. The flows, as I’ve said, are pretty good; the rhythmic pull of each syllable felt pretty impactful and I liked that. I didn’t get that gritty urban feel however in this track, I don’t know whether that’s due to the instrumentation or the glossed up production but I just didn’t feel that sincerity.

Lyrically the track is okay, it’s a lot of ball gloating and squad promoting but nothing truly remarkable. Again it’s more functional and competent than meaningful and detailed.

All in all then I think this is a pretty good track for grime fans. But if you’re a general music listener not looking for anything in particular, I’d steer you away from this track and towards other songs that have been produced this month; there are better tracks out there on the market.

5/10 – A standard grime track.


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