A$AP TyY ‘Trump’ Song Review

Ugh, so obviously the world is suffering from an election hangover today with a lot of people calming down and a lot of people getting even angrier. Being a teenage bloke from the heart of England, the whole thing went way of my head. I didn’t take much notice of the election at all because, though the election is big thing, it just didn’t apply to me, so why should I care? I think both candidates got enough media coverage over the last two years without me having to add to that. But anyways that’s not what we are talking about here, we are talking about this new track eloquently named ‘Trump’. What did I think of it?

Well it’s absolute garbage, quintessentially terrible in every single way. I’m so bored of these lame politically driven tracks that literally achieve nothing but negative commotion. I don’t like either candidate sure, and Trump has shown himself in a negative light many a time, but this track hardly capitalises on that, no it does the opposite. It’s one of the driest tracks I’ve heard in my lifetime. Not only is the song lyrically terrible despite amazing source material, the whole song is a mess, an outright mess. Even fans in the comment section are saying, ‘wow this song is garbage, why did he do this’ and I don’t blame them! You had so much opportunity here but you wasted it.

Production wise the song is terrible. From the moment I clicked start, the music came out like a virus to my ears. The bass swamps everything, the synths are lifeless and bland, and that has to be one of the worst vocal takes I’ve ever heard. I have no idea what they were thinking with this track because it’s made the whole A$AP crew look like an absolute laughing stock; it isn’t about the music anymore is it fellas? Admit it.

Musicali— There isn’t any, it’s just a trap beat and 4 bar synth progression that repeats over and over again, I have nothing more to add. It sucks.

Lyrically, well what can I say. No honestly what? The track isn’t even decipherable let alone understandable. I’m going to need the modern day version of the rosetta stone to work out what this guy was saying. His delivery, my God his delivery, what the hell happened! Just shouting throughout the whole song with no cohesion or direction; a genuine disgrace to rap music.

How can you possibly muck up a song like this, when you have mounds of source material at your fingertips. Oh I know how, you just don’t try. You put no effort in and you just rush everything back out again.

0/10 – Third 0 out of ten this year and the second in just one week.


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