Escape The Fate ‘Breaking Me Down’ Song Review

Oh Escape The Fate what happened to you! You were the biggest thing in rock music at one time and now you’re reduced to less than 100,000 hits oh the humanity! I’m going to admit something going into this track… I’m one of those geezers who actually preferred the Ronnie Radke era of Escape The Fate. I think he added that piece of spice and arrogance to the group which made them so different, but I can see why they swapped singers what with Radke being put in jail and being a massive knob. But back onto the point here! We have a new song review this time for Escape The Fate’s latest track released via music video, ‘Breaking Me Down’. So what did I think of it? Well you’re going to have to keep reading to find out aren’t you!

So this track is kind of bad, but it’s not the bands fault if that makes sense. I think there is a good song here, but it’s completely ruined by horrific production; we’ve had some terrible production to listen to today! I think there are particular sections that are pretty exciting and melodic, but they do slip into the stereotypical emo progressions. All in all I found the track pretty good, but really outdated.

Production wise the song is terribly bad. It needs a complete overhaul; I’d expect this from a small independent group but not of a band with this high of a status. Those guitar tones are awful. Other than the solo that sounded at least functional, the supremely muffled distorted guitar sounds horrendous; to put it simply, it sounded like white noise. The bass is also way to thin, the drums almost plastic-like and the only thing worth keeping for me are the vocals; at least the vocals are mixed somewhat well. This needs to improve if they are to keep up with the modern rock crowd.

Musicality wise the song is okay, just okay in my opinion. I thought the vocals were the highlight but everything else seemed functional. The drums lacked flair in the fills, the guitars stuck to rather plain progressions and the bass? Well what bass, I didn’t hear any bass. The form of the track is simplistic but at least they had a proper bridge so bravo there. The guitar solo in said bridge is pretty good, not great, but it would please any dad-rock listeners… Wait why would dad-rock listeners hear this track anyway? Scratch that then…

Lyrically the song is a bit of a cheesy snooze but nothing too bad. I’ve definitely heard worse lyrics than this during this year so I’m not going to blame Escape The Fate for much here.

Overall this track is a bit of a dud, a stretch of time in my life which I won’t get back, but hey ho could be worse!

4/10 – A substandard emo rock piece.


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