Light Up The Sky ‘Stop Me’ Song Review

When I saw that this was posted on the Rise Records channel, I thought to myself, ‘eh, it won’t be worth a review’. You know why? Well Rise is quickly becoming my least favourite record label; they are negatively impacting the music I love the most. With these half-arse signings of groups that aren’t ready yet and an approach to music which is lazy at best, I really don’t have the effort to review many of their new tracks. But no, I’m a music reviewer, I have integrity. Groups have the right to branded equal dammit! So I checked this track out and…

It’s not very good… But, and this is a big but and a positive but, there are great ideas in the track. For me the whole song loses out due to terrible production and a supreme lack of cohesion. There are over 25 transitions in this track to different beats and sequences which in four minutes, is way too much. Being a prog fan I’m all for changing things up, but only when necessary to develop the track. Here you have a regular sounding post hardcore group who are changing the beat up to 5 times per minute, that’s too much! They need to reign that drummer in (and I know that’s difficult because drummers can be rather self indulgent) because he’s overplaying to the max. The fills are too long and the beats are just way too OTT. They need to strip back sections and create a more direct song which they can then decorate later; this track sounded more like an aggressive jam than a cohesive track.

Production wise this song is awful; really, really bad. The bass is almost taken entirely out of the mix, the drums sound almost programmed and the guitar isn’t thick enough to cover the mid and high ground. My subwoofer didn’t pick up a single beat and that’s bad news in this day and age. The vocals are mixed okay sure and there are some EQ’s during the intro to the track, but it’s all predictable, stereotypical type stuff. This has to be the worst produced track I’ve heard by a major label since Kid Cudi’s ‘Frequency’.

Musicality wise it’s all there, but it’s ever so jumbled. Clearly the drummer can play, the vocalist has a strong range and the guitarist isn’t to shoddy either, but they over sing and over play in all the wrong places. It took me three listens to realise what was the chorus and what was the verse. I’m all for quirky forms but this is ridiculous. Like I said, they need to strip back and make a more cohesive song; stick to the pulse and build around it. They are trying so hard to throw all their tropes into one runtime and it just didn’t work; clearly they were pandering to the label trying to show them what they’ve got. I do like how they put effort into writing this thing though. There are intricacies and details here that, if utilised correctly, could really boost their individual status.

Lyrically the song is meh, pretty bad in all honesty. That’s another place which they could on.

All in all then the song is pretty bad, but the groups potential is pretty darn high. It’s frustrating for me because I do feel like this is a clear case of label meddling. I ant to hear more by the group, but if they keep going for this sound, I will be bored and turned off by them pretty quick.

4/10 – On any other day this would be a 3, but I’m feeling pretty positive today.


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