P Money ft. JME & Wiley ‘Gunfingers’ Song Review

Now it’s no secret that I’ve been giving grime a difficult time these past few weeks. Why? Well I just haven’t heard a single track this year that has made me stop and say ‘wow, that really effected me’ or ‘wow, that song is really well put together’, or ‘wow, this song isn’t bad’. Now is that because I hate grime? No not at all, admittedly I’m a casual listener to the stuff but I certainly don’t hate it. There have been a couple tracks in the past which I’ve thought are decent but I think this new wave of grime sounds a little dull in my honest opinion. The rich white girl fans that have been roped in to loving it haven’t helped the genres integrity; it’s played much more by rich folk than the working class. But anyways back onto the song at hand, so what did I think of this track in particular?

Well this is probably my favourite grime track thus far in Autumn. I’ve heard much worse throughout the year so this one actually comes through as a breath of fresh air. The main reason I actually like this track is that it’s genuinely cohesive. So many grime tracks are just a series of dull verses about knife crime and squads, this track actually has a hook/chorus; someone genuinely paid attention to music form, what a miracle! P Money shows his individual chops here and definitely comes across as the most unique rapper on the mix, but that doesn’t mean the features didn’t turn up. As a track, it’s definitely better than the average.

Production wise the song is surprisingly good. I loved the quirky way in which the instrumentals have been mixed, and I really enjoyed how the vocals were edited in the right ways this time around. They blended well with the mix in the chorus, and cut through during the verses; everything you could want from a grime track mix. Sure it didn’t sound that gritty or urban, but at this point, grime doesn’t offer that type of production anymore.

Musicality wise, well there isn’t really any. The instrumentals are more like an ostinato in the way they repeat over and over again. But this is grime and I’m pretty sure there’s never been a grime track with attention to musicality and detail.

Lyrically the song is a little cheesy and predictable, but there are some catchy phrases. Like I’ve prior mentioned, the hook sounds great, and there are a couple bars from each rapper that sound pretty good. Nothing amazing, but nothing that bad either.

All in all then the song is worth a listen if you’re a genre fan, but I’d shepherd you away to other tracks if you’re just a casual listener.

5.5/10 – Better than expected, but still not great.


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