Childish Gambino ‘Me and Your Mama’ Song Review

At long last Donald is back with a brand new song! If you don’t already know, I’m a huge fan of Childish Gambino. I think he’s one of the most unique rappers on the face of the Earth, and he’s one hell of a songwriter. I’ve yet to hear a track by him that I truly dislike; sure there are some I’m not a big fan of, but I never dislike the product as a whole. He always puts a ton of effort into his tracks and steers clear of the predictable nuances of the modern rap genre. Anyways onto the subject as hand here, what did I think of ‘Me and You Mama’? Well you’re about to find out…

The track is certainly intricate and well written, but I didn’t quite connect with it on the level I was hoping to. I mean the track has a very little amount of flaws, but for some reason I just couldn’t get into it; I don’t know whether that’s because I felt it was disjointed, or whether I just didn’t really find the song catchy. For me I think it’s both of those reasons which are giving me this really conflicted feeling, how annoying.

Production wise I can barely fault the thing. The guitars when they kick in have beautiful tones (especially the clean tone), the drums sound fantastic covering the low and mid ends well, and the vocal performance threw me back to soul music of old. I felt a real Joe Cocker vibe from this 60’s type mix and I personally love that. The only part of the mix which I can fault, is the bass. For some reason the bass had this very strange tone that didn’t carry for very long; this is what happens when you pluck instead of finger picking on a track this intricate.

Musicality wise the song is also great. It’s progressive, it’s unpredictable and it contains sections of instrumental imagination that even I’m incredibly jealous of. Each section sounded detailed and well arranged; I honestly cannot fault the effort put into this track. However, it does come across very disjointed. The sections do now transition very well and rather lumber across each other; now that is probably purposeful, but I just didn’t like it. Also, like I mentioned earlier, it’s just not that catchy. We didn’t get one cohesive melody throughout the whole song. That means I’ve got nothing to hold onto or hum away once the track is finished.

The lyrics are actually quite bad when you see them on paper, but the performance allows this to be swept under the radar. Mostly because I couldn’t understand what he was singing (there was a huge lack of diction here).

All in all then, though this review sounds negative, I’m not too disappointed. In fact, I’m excited for his new record and imagine that this will sound better in a set list rather than on it’s own. Although I didn’t connect with this track, I can see that the vast majority did so at the very least, it’s fan service.

6/10 – Really well arranged, really well written but not particularly catchy.


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