Gorgon City ft. Elderbrook ‘Smile’ Song Review

I’ve had a really hard time reviewing house music and general electronic music over the last month or so. I’ve yet to give a rating over 5/10 to this style of music, is that because I hate it? No, honestly not. I actually love electronic and house music, heck one of my projects personally was based around electronic music, but the lack of imagination this year in the house music genre has been almost staggering. When you consider last year we had Disclosure, Blonde, Chris Gresswell and Phillip George tearing up the charts, it feels like a massive step down now we’ve resorted to The Chainsmokers and the likes of Clean Bandit. Now sure these names were charting before, but they were very temporary; like an in and out job. But now these tracks are charting for over a month leaving us in the wake of a terribly dry spell. Now Gorgon City are part of the prior mentioned group. They’ve made some absolute bangers in the past, so I’m putting a ton of hope into this track for it to be okay…

I mean sure it’s okay but it’s so bland! What happened to the grittiness and edginess that was appearing in electronic genre last year, now we are just full of this summer time beat pop nonsense and it’s so, so boring. Gorgon City are capable of so much more than this and it’s disappointing to see them following this current trend; this type of music is mighty forgettable. However, having said all this, it’s not nearly as bad as many other tracks on the market right now. When you compare this to The Chainsmokers new track, I think this one trumps it (for excuse of a better word). It just has that little more spirit involved within it.

Production wise the song is okay but then we are all expecting the song to be okay. There really shouldn’t be that many problems surfacing when you’re a DJ or a producer as mixing tracks is your job. The beat sounds wholesome and deep, the vocals sounds crisp and organic, and everything just sounded nice really (sorry I’m lacking great terminology this early in the morning).

Musicality, like just about every electronic track this year, is where the whole thing comes tumbling down. It’s…Just…So…Boring! Nothing really changes, the melody is largely monotone and the bass holds notes rather than stabbing away a catchy rhythm. What has happened to party music! Ya’ll can’t rave to this! It’s like modern elevator music as it passes from section to section without a glimpse of flair or spice. The transitions are boring, the verses and the choruses are identical and guess what…? There is no frickin’ bridge. That to me has become the biggest travesty in modern music, none of you are using your bridge!

Lyrically the song is a little cheesy but it’s okay. I really like Elderbrook’s natural tone and delivery but he does suffer from being largely monotone throughout this song; a little more invention is highly necessary.

All in all then this song is really quite boring and I’m struggling to find many positives outside of it’s production. I mean we’ve heard much worse this week so I can’t really be too negative but we are beginning to hit a bit of a lul this month and it scares me as a reviewer a little. Please don’t do what October did… Please…

4/10 – I’m using the word boring way too many times here on the site.


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