The Chainsmokers ft. XYLØ ‘Setting Fires’ Song Review

Sorry that I’m a little late to this party, it’s just I felt no inclination to review this track. I knew what it was going to be like, I knew what would happen when, and I knew nothing was going to surprise. However, I’ve  been ripped into shreds by casuals on the site who think I don’t give pop music/beat music enough of a chance. People stating how I’m quick to judge and that I don’t have true critical integrity. To those people I say, you listen to forty tracks a day and tell me that there aren’t particular artists you’re just not interested in. The reason why I barely review house music, is because it’s unfair to review it  whilst reviewing intricate prog tracks or progressive experimental tracks; it just doesn’t compare in my personal opinion. Anyways let’s stop moaning and dive into this one regardless….

Oh joy, it’s everything I predicted. From beat one to that final hit, I knew everything that was going to happen, before it happened. Yet again The Chainsmokers are filling the charts with this bog standard house beat crap that I really couldn’t give less of a toss for. I’m so bored reviewing their songs now, as they try and reuse the same tropes over and over again without a single ounce of variation. Let’s not forget that they reached the charts originally with perhaps one of the worst pop tracks of the 00’s with ‘#Selfie’. So it’s no surprise to me why their music sucks, and will forever suck in my opinion; this is fifth chance I’ve given them and somehow they disappoint more and more.

Production wise of course the track is fine. They are a couple of DJ’s/producers, why wouldn’t it sound fine, it’s their job. The vocals are crisp and clear, the beat is deep and wholesome and for the most part, the synths are good. All the synths apart from that terrible sounding synth after the chorus. That lead synth cuts straight through the mix with it’s central panning in the foreground, completely distracting me from the rest of the song.

Musicality wise the song is… Well what do you expect, it’s just another house song. Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Quiet Chorus with different vocals, Extended Chorus. Rinse repeat, churn out the next track. Another copy and paste waste of time. And no it doesn’t count as a bridge if you use all the same progressions as the chorus but quieter with slightly different lyrics, that’s just a chorus extension with different lyrics, it’s basic stuff here.

All in all I’m not going to even waste my time reviewing the lyrics or the vocal performance here because I don’t think it’s fair that I pull XYLØ into this mess. The quicker we stop this fad or rinse repeat house music entering the charts, the better. It’s not summer anymore, it’s winter and I’m bored of this pandering music.

2/10 – Lower than expected? Well that’s because I’ve heard this track five times now just with different titles… I’m bored of it.


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