Charlie Puth ‘Does It Feel’ Song Review

Well it feels like just yesterday that I reviewed a Charlie Puth track… Wait, it was just yesterday. Oh that’s right because I’m reviewing some of his new tracks but not all of his album (you gotta capitalise on those visitors baby, don’t be shady). But yes, although I said I probably was done reviewing Charlie’s music, I am back here again after the great feedback on the other review, which kind of surprised me in all honesty. I didn’t give that song the greatest of ratings nor did I praise it much, but people seemed to agree, so with that in mind why wouldn’t I review another one of his tracks off of this album?

‘Does It Feel’ is kind of a conflicting track for me. There are so many flaws yet so many things I just didn’t mind. It’s one of those tracks you get as a reviewer where you just don’t know what side of the fence to lean on. When a track balances out quite as strangely as this, it leaves me a little stumped on where I should put my two pence. So hopefully by the end of this review I will of assembled my thoughts a little better.

Production wise the song is great for the most part, but again I’m going to reiterate the same criticisms I had on the last review. Although the beat sounds great, the bass quirky and driving, and the instrumentation genuinely quite fun, the vocals are mixed ever so strangely. I think they have either put on an auto tune or a pitch correction that often twinges on certain notes. It makes his voice sound like he’s slapped a chorus effect on top of it and it sounds ever so strange; it had me really distracted throughout the song.

Musicality wise, I’d say it’s one of the better tracks in the beat pop genre, but that still isn’t enough to pull it into the green zone for me. I loved the bass, I thought the unique timbre and driving qualities it added to the mix sounded great. I also really thought Charlie put in a great performance on this track. He didn’t over dramatise strange notes and kept it a little more pure here; his falsetto sounded excellent. The song is a little bit dry though and perhaps too over reliant on it’s progressions. By the second chorus I was a little bored of the instrumental sequencing and I found myself losing attention to the track. Also that was a pathetic excuse for a bridge, you just didn’t put one in, shame on you, shame.

Lyrically the song is mighty cheesy but not nearly as bad as what I’ve heard throughout this week. I think lyrically this entire album has been somewhat of a step forward for Charlie in the songwriting department, but he still needs to make these tracks a little more believable; I just don’t hear much sincerity in his voice. It’s another strange one.

All in all then I think I can round this track together in a knot of standardness. Ah that’s a terrible way of putting it. It’s an okay track with many flaws and much more potential. Is that better?

5/10 – Could be better, and I’ve heard much worse.


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