Keke Palmer ‘Hands Free’ Song Review

Although I’ve heard of Keke Palmer, I had no idea she was even a singer. That proves the extent of my knowledge when it comes to this individual. So going into this track I guess you could say that I was pretty darn fresh. Shall we see how it all panned out?

Gosh this track is hideous! I have no idea what she was trying to achieve with a track like this, it made no sense to me whatsoever. She had this big emotional speech at the start of the music video so immediately I thought ‘ah right this is going to be personal and emotional’, but then she comes out with this track filled to the brim with sexual content? What were you thinking? It makes you look almost idiotic, why would you do that?

From the minute I heard that reggae beat kick in, my eyes rolled to that back of my skull. I cannot stand modern reggae pop. Fude ODG started this mess, and Sia then took it as her own, now every artist from Maroon 5 to Keke Palmer is doing the same thing. Don’t get me wrong I love old school reggae, but this stuff is garbage.

Production wise the song is awful. The track keeps using this horn sample over and over again, and it made the track feel more like a dank meme compilation than a legitimate song. The electronic steel pans sound as lifeless and dull as they’ve ever been; probably my least favourite synth sound. The vocals were way overproduced to the point that they sounded more robotic than organic; again incredibly dull. There wasn’t a single area I listened to which made me think that this was produced professionally; it sounds like an independent recording. Before I forget, the drums sound thin as heck too.

The musicality of the track is definitely lacking in all departments as it often is in this style of music. The vocal melodies showcase no skill or ability, and are left largely monotone. The progressions replay over and over and over again without any variation; I was so bored by the middle mark of this track! The form is terrible too with no bridge and no differentiation between chorus and verse. Changing the lyrics doesn’t create a chorus, it just creates an extended verse and this whole song felt like an extended verse. The vocal performance is woeful too, another terrible pop showing we’ve had to review on the site today.

Lyrically the song is damn near excruciating; what’s up with November and these whacky, terrible lyrics? They have no meaning, they aren’t in the least bit sexy and they are vocalised badly; not a single redeemable factor.

If A$AP TyY hadn’t released his track this week, then there is no doubt that this would be the worst track of the week and most likely the month. The only single redeemable factor I can think of is perhaps the speech at the start… That’s just not good enough.

1/10 – Nearly the third 0 of November… Up until this month I had only given one all year.


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