The Neighbourhood ft. G-Eazy ‘When I Get Back’ Song Review

What the Hell happened to these guys? They were on top of the world at one point, now I barely ever hear from them? I know they released a couple bum albums, but when did that ever stop anyone for amirite? When I saw this pop up on my feed, I genuinely thought it was just a fake track made by some internet troll, but no it’s real, and that to me is even scarier. I have never, ever, ever heard a good collaboration between an indie group and a rapper, not in my lifetime. Not even a good one, I’ve not even heard a average collaboration between these two genres; they’ve always been horrifically bad… Will this break the duct…?

No, it’s still real bad. I’m having a really bad day here, the music that has been released during this week has all built to today and I’m finding some real stinkers; going into today I thought this was the best week for music all year, oh goodness was I wrong yikes. I don’t know what they were trying to achieve here, because it just sounded so lame and such a blatant rip off of the Weeknd. Heck it even sounds like the singer is trying to impersonate the Weeknd… What’s up with that?

Production wise the track sounds horrible. Dream pop is a genre that can only be executed if you’re an expert at mixing. The pads and synths used in this genre are incredibly difficult to make sound conjunct and powerful. Here, a terrible producer has been tasked with roping this one together an the result is almost laughable. The synths sound horrible, the vocals sound thin and difficult to listen to, and the only saving grace on the whole record, is G-Eazy’s verse; wow I did not expect to say that.

Musicality wise, well there isn’t much. It’s just a 4 bar progression being replayed over and over. There isn’t really a stable chorus in this track, it’s more of a vocal hook that sporadically appears. The vocal performance was terrible and monotone, the timbres are ever so dull, and the samples in the background almost sounded amateur; the whole track came across like an independent rap effort made by a producer who was still working part time down in the corner store. G-Eazy did all he could to save this thing but even he sounded tacked on to this dreadful thing.

The lyrics are bog standard and cliche. This whole weed thing in music became tiresome ten years ago, and yet we still have people singing on and on about it; I’m bored now stop it please, get some help.

All in all I’m a little lost for words on this track. It almost seems like a joke? This isn’t a joke right fellas? You’re not just winding me up? Fellas…?

2/10 – You have G-Eazy to thank for not landing that bottom spot.



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