Zara Larsson ‘I Would Like’ Song Review

So Zara is back again with another track and we all know how the last one went… If you’re a follower of the site you will already know that I’m not a huge fan of this artist; I think she’s trying too hard to be another Rihanna, she just lacks originality. From her put-on accent to her vocal general vocal technique; nothing really screams individuality to me. Not just that but her lyricism (this is baring in mind whether she even writes her tracks) is downright awful. She writes some of the cheesiest, most pandering lyrics I’ve heard in a long time. She’s definitely an artist I steer clear from since I have these terrible previous experiences. But regardless I thought I’d give her a go today and see how things go! Shall we see what I thought of this new track…?

Well it’s more of the same really. I mean there are vast improvements herein comparison to her prior singles, but I’m really not seeing whats selling her as music artist. When I looked through the comment section, everyone’s just commenting on her looks and her modelling, when that has nothing to with original track. Although the beat i better this time round and the stabs have a degree of catchiness to them, I still see this as another bland pop attempt.

Production wise the track is okay sure. When an artist is raking in the big bucks, I kind of expect it to be great. The beat sounds wholesome and deep, the stabs are catchy and mastered very well, and the vocals, to an extent, sound relatively organic. Obviously I can hear a lot of pitch correction here and vocal tampering but then this is pop music so it’s kind of expected.

Musicality wise the track is terrible, flat out terrible. Although we have a catchy eight bar routine, repeating those eight bars forty times in one track kind of loses that catchiness. Yet again the form of this track is terrible too. Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Quiet Chorus, Extended Chorus. That is not a song, that is more of a ruddy nursery rhyme. I mean I sort of expected her to not use a bridge, because she never does, but in all honesty you can barely differentiate the verse and chorus. The instrumentation is the same, the progressions are the same, the transitions are the same, the only thing that really changes are the dynamics (the chorus is slightly louder) and Zara’s vocal melody. That’s not enough in my opinion. Also her hook here is very predictable and forgettable. I just really don’t see the big appeal here.

Lyrically the track is awful yet again. It’s basically the exact same track as ‘Ain’t My Fault’ just with the hook changed to ‘I Would Like’. It’s not good enough it really isn’t and it’s a blatant chart ploy. Zara made her fame through much more exciting house beats and house features, none of that whatsoever is being shown here.

All in all then, a completely forgettable and an ultimately bland track. Although there are some small improvements to her prior pieces, this again is just completely lost on me. I understand it’s hardly a serious track and it’s meant to be partied too, but even then I think there are much better party tracks out there than this.

3/10 – I’m having a bad time enjoying this artist.


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