BETRAYING THE MARTYRS ‘Won’t Back Down’ Song Review

Having never heard of the group and only knowing the label this track was released on, it’s fair to say I expected pot luck from this track. Sumerian are perhaps the most varied label out at the moment, with both great prog bands, and terrible doom bands. I guessed that this would be leaning on the doom side going in just by the title, but what did I think of the track?

Well I thought it was pretty good actually, much better than I expected. The intro/first verse I did roll my eyes thinking that this would be another stereotypical genre set-piece but the song managed to surprise me multiple times throughout it’s run time. It’s definitely given me more hope for this genre which is always a big compliment/takeaway.

The production of the track is actually really good, much better than what I’m used to hearing. The drums sounded deep and wholesome, the guitars had a sweet distorted tone, the strings sounded organic and powerful, and the vocals, both clean and rough, sounded great. I can’t really fault the producer here, whoever it is has had a great day at the office so bravo.

The musicality of the track is limited at parts and predictable at others sure, but there are moments which I certainly didn’t see coming. The first being the form of the track. I thought the form allowed for much more flexibility in comparison to competitors, steering away from your average beatdown/breakdown, and instead choosing a proper bridge, with a build up and guitar solo. I loved that approach and it gave the extended chorus that bit more impact. I also loved the illustrative transitions and the false ending. That’s how  you properly use a false ending fellas! I mean sure the verses are a little trundly and drag on a touch, but they are more than bareable. I think both vocalists had great showings here (knowing my luck they are probably the same person) and I think they deserve credit for a creating a decent melody.

Lyrically the song is mighty cheesy and a little dull but I have heard much worse in this genre. I’d like to see them concentrate on something a little more dark or a little more personal, but beggars can’t be choosers.

All in all then I thought this track was a pretty fun time. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the genre, and I think you will get your money’s worth with this track!

6.5/10 – Quite excited to see where this groups goes next, you’ve earnt yourselves another fan.


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