Milky Chance ‘Cocoon’ Song Review

So the stratospheric duo are back once more with a brand new track! See I hear these guys pop up every now and then, usually once or twice per year, and yet I keep forgetting how big they really are. They have an absolutely enormous fan base and they deserve it too; they injected something completely different into the charts and they are genuinely talented. I felt a genuine excitement getting to review this track, so shall we see how it went?

Well the track is pretty good, not amazing sure, but it is pretty good. There are elements which I found fun and exciting, and features that really create this stylistic atmosphere. I think as artists Milky Chance are developing into a really individualised act; I’m yet to hear anything even close to their sound. I think it comes down to Clemens’ voice in all honesty; he has an unreal tone of voice. He makes every track sound so unique and I love that. Having a DJ/percussionist in a folk duo also helps too to really separate your act from the rest of the folk genre; they just have so many things going for them.

Production wise the track is pretty spot on but I did find the vocals a touch grating. The instrumentals sounded organic and raw, the synths added a breath of life into the transitions and I just felt the accompaniment possessed so much life. But here is my problem… I love Clemens’ voice, and I like the unique way it’s mixed, but I’m getting a little bored with this style of mixing now. It works great on tracks here and there, but after five or six, I’m getting a little bored of this approach.

Musicality wise I thought the track was excellent actually. It sounded very unique, as prior mentioned, and there are some brilliant little moments in here. I think the acoustic progressions on their own and the electric guitar melodies on their own, sounded a little dry and began to get a little stale, but luckily the synths added a whole lot to the track to cover up these aspects; sorry for the dodgy way I tried to explain that. The transitions are fun, there are sporadic moments of decoration that made the track unpredictable, and it’s genuinely a well arranged folk-pop song.

Lyrically the track is very strong too. These guys seem to write very unique compositions with lyricism that can only be described as quirky. It’s not your usual type of stuff, but somehow they make it relatable. I enjoyed hearing the lyrics on this track.

6.5/10 – We are having a great day today, it’s a pleasure to review tracks like this.


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