Professor Green ‘One Eye On The Door’ Song Review

Now I’ve always been a fan of Professor Green as a person. I’ve always thought he’s done an awful lot for the people who are often forgotten about. I also think he has one hell of an inspirational story behind him proving how you could achieve what ever you want if you believe hard enough in it. However, with the exception of his collaboration with Maverick Sabre, I’ve never really liked his music. More through his tone of voice rather than the actual track; I’ve never really connected with his heart. But he’s here and back with a brand new record. Shall we see how he got on?

Well I actually didn’t mind this effort, there are a fair few flaws, but it’s definitely one of the better rap tracks to come out this month. It’s great to see a British rapper outside of the grime scene, really trying something different and exciting; I actually got an Eminem type vibe from this track.

Production wise the majority of the track is pretty good. The instrumentation sounds organic and warm, the female vocals sound raw and natural, but I do have some problems with Green’s voice here. His plosives seem to pop a lot throughout the track; a much more heavy duty pop filter could of simply reduced that. Also he seems to rap with this lisp (which I know he did pre fame) and it’s quite distracting honestly; perhaps an over-dramatisation of his voice, I don’t usually like that approach.

Musicality wise the song is pretty good fun but the form let’s it down. I like the instrumental progressions, I think Green’s flow is fantastic throughout the whole track and the female vocalist added a lot in the chorus. But swapping out a bridge and putting another verse in there instead is the major problem I have with this song. It makes the track feel like a minute too long. Nothing varies or changes too and that leaves me a little dissatisfied. We got no climax and no wow moment towards the end and that disappoints me a little.

The lyrics are really well done though I will give him that. I enjoyed the concepts that were explored and I believed every single word. This track has no gloss or Americanised appeal; it’s simply British beef rap and I love that.

All in all then the track is okay. It’s missing a little spice and the song does drag on, but I couldn’t help but smile whilst listening to it. I can’t wait to hear the rest of this record and this is a great single to get casual fans interested back in the project.

6/10 – An above average rap track from the unlikeliest of sources.


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