Video Roundup! The xx, Passenger, A$AP TyY, Childish Gambino and many others!

We will be doing this every week now, yes another weekly segment gosh get some original ideas! But I thought this would be a great hub segment to post once a week just to give you the run down on what we thought of brand new tracks! Here we will post all our video reviews for the week just to summarise things quickly. So we hope you enjoy!

Betraying The Martyrs ‘Won’t Back Down’ Song Review

The Neighbourhood ft G Eazy ‘When I Get Back’ Song Review

The xx ‘On Hold’ Song Review

A$AP TyY ‘Trump’ Song Review

So that’s not all of the videos from the week, but in our opinion, they were the best! If you want to see more then make sure to check out the channel and subscribe to see more. We have many more reviews on the way next week, but things will be slowing down going into Christmas; we are only human guys… Hell who am I kidding, I’m a music reviewing robot now!


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