Gabrielle Aplin ‘Miss You’ Song Review

Gabrielle Aplin is one of those artists which I hear a lot about, but never actually listen to her music. Is that because I dislike her? No not at all, from what I have heard she’d a very talented singer songwriter. I very much enjoy her live acoustic work and she’s proven that she is one of the most talented artists in the world right now. So going into this track, I guess I had fairly high expectations, shall we see how she got on?

Well the track is okay at best. It’s not bad sure, but is very much rinse and repeat. A very stagnant beat carried by a hook that is fairly catchy; it lacked a lot of life and commotion. By the two minute mark I began drifting away, no longer concentrating on the track as it really went nowhere in my opinion; your first chorus should never be identical to your final one otherwise you feel as if the track has never progressed.

Production wise I’ve heard much worse this November. I think a capable producer has been put on this project and they’ve done a great job. The synths have a degree of life to them and Gabrielle’s voice sounds ever so delicate and individualised; no vocal tampering here outside of a gate. The bass and drums sounded thick and covered the low end well which is always nice to hear.

Musicality wise the track is okay but that’s about all. I mean I enjoyed the hook and her falsetto for that hook sounded great, but the rest of the track is utterly forgettable. It’s be nice to hear some more decoration, some inventive transitions and I don’t know… A BRIDGE. Although I can see this track being viable commercially just from that hook, I don’t think a song like this will pull in the casual fan as it just doesn’t offer enough. Also I’m so fed up of this Caribbean beat that is put in every other pop track; it sounded okay the first time but by 3049324th time it just doesn’t have that same effect.

Lyrically the song is okay but it’s a little cliche. I didn’t really connect with Gabrielle on this track and found her lyricism a touch boring. I didn’t connect with a single word and it didn’t really sound all too sincere to me.

All in all then the track is okay, but it’s nothing to write home about. It’s one of those tracks you review that you forget about by the end of the day, and that’s a shame because I want so much more from this artist.

5/10 – Your stereotypical charting pop piece.


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