Mura Masa ft. A$AP Rocky ‘Love$ick’ Song Review

I didn’t really want to review this track as I felt I wouldn’t give it a fair review. I mean I don’t know who Mura Masa is, but I’ve given the A$AP crew such a grilling the last few months and I just didn’t know how to hold back that biased. But when I found out that Mura Masa is actually a DJ and that Rocky wouldn’t just be appearing in the bridge (like he usually does) I thught, ‘what the heck I’ll give it a go’, so what did I think of it?

It’s really, really, really disjointed. It’s not a terrible track, and there is potential here, but the track just seemed very strangely set out with each section being clunkily put together. I thought Rocky had a decent showing here and that the beat in the background was nearly there, but I came out feeling that the track was unfinished.

Production wise the song is okay, but not great. The acoustic drums sounded great and urban-esque, the vocals sounded excellent, and there are some samples that I enjoyed listening too. However, I hated the steel pans when they came in, and the horns didn’t suit this thing at all. The steel pans broke the mix up and immediately made the whole track feel cliche and the horns just sounded stupid. After hearing Keke Palmers new track where she reused this horns sample six or seven times, it actually became hurtful trying to hear them being reused here once again.

Musicality wise I thought the track was incredibly inventive and different, but it just hadn’t been put together very well. I like the idea of sporadic verses and the lack of time constraints on sections, but there are moments that are glaringly obvious in the case of filler. Filler is used throughout the track to pad certain pars out and I think it just made some section drag. I thought the steel pans progression was catchy, but I would of rather heard it via synth or piano. Rocky’s flow seemed much more wholesome and variant in comparison to prior efforts so I can commend him on that.

Lyrically the song is a little meh really. I can’t remember a single significant phrase or sequence and it would of been nice, to perhaps here a rapping hook during the transition from verse to chorus; personal preference though.

All in all then the track is okay in the end, but it is flawed throughout. The sooner we get rid of steel pans and those ruddy horns the better; those two aspects ruined the track for me.

4.5/10 – It’s okay but I can’t see me listening to it again this week.


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