Ruth B. ‘In My Dreams’ Song Review

I’m one of the few people on Earth who didn’t really like ‘Lost Boy’. Is it because I don’t like the artist? No not at all, I just didn’t really like that song. I found it a little too cheesy and it pandered that bit too much towards a crowd that I think ate it up a little too fast. I did see potential though. I think she has an excellent voice and is beginning to create her own style, so I was quite excited going into this track… What did I think?

It’s cheesy, but it is a very sweet track. I think she showcase her style here again almost masterfully, and it’s a step in the right direction for me. I don’t think this track will have nearly the same commercial effect the last few have had, but she hardly needs it at this point. This is like a piece of early fan service, and I actually enjoyed it more because of it. It felt genuine and it felt sincere, it allured me in from the first moment and I didn’t look back.

Production wise every aspect is pretty stellar on this single. The vocals sound warm and pure, the piano crisp and organic, and the strings added that oomph when some impact was needed. The harmonies also sound excellent, singing in unison with Ruth rather than against her. The producer has had a field day with this one and she should keep hold of said producer in the future; they’ve got her down to a tee.

Musicality wise the track is pretty good too actually. Although the chord progressions were a little standard and repetitive, I must admit that the melodies and harmonies more than made up for this routine. I enjoyed the little piano ostinato that played throughout and Ruth has showcased some great songwriting skills here. Her melodies were exploratory and she entered the realms outside of your usual syllabic rhythm; she had rhymes and sections that started on beat and ended on the off beat and that’s difficult to write. The form is okay but I do feel we had a couple of sections repeated one too many times; the track felt around thirty seconds too long but that’s a subjective opinion that could change dependent on the listener.

Lyrically the track is mighty cheesy and has a ton of cliche moments, but she pulled it off well by never wailing out certain notes. She kept the lyricism sounding conjunct and sincere; there was no gloss, only heart.

All in all then this is a solid track and perhaps one of the better ballads we’ve heard this month. It’s pulled me back into listening to Ruth and it’s come out at the perfect time for her; I can’t wait to see where she goes next.

6/10 – A step in the right direction for the artist, she’s building herself up for another major hit in the future.


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