The Last Shadow Puppets ‘Les Cactus’ Song Review

This song has the worst mixing of any track this month full stop. But luckily there is a degree of character that kind of makes up for it… But not really. Now I’ve heard of TLSP but I’ve never actually heard one of their songs. Only today I found out that they were a supergroup; I’m a bit behind the trend I know and I apologise… But other than what I stated, what did I think of this track…?

I mean it’s okay, but it’s horrifically mixed. I enjoyed certain parts, but it’s a downright lazy song that is excused because it’s ‘indie’ and or ‘alternate’. When it comes to Arctic Monkeys, I loved the pre-2013 stuff. As soon as they sold out making these really bland, yet commercialised pieces of rock and roll crap, I fell out of love. This group seems to be just an extension of that. It’s just bland and lazy, I can’t highlight that many positives other than the fact that at least they tried something without incorporating steel pans… I’m looking at you Mura Masa.

Production wise this song is horrific and I had to double take to see if it was real. The guitars are panned miles apart from each other, the bass in crazily quiet and the drums sound like they were recorded with a snowball microphone rather than mic-ing every single drum. It sounds so bad. The vocals are rough as heck as well and not in the cool grungy way, in the ‘I just can’t be bothered to mix vocals’ way. I mean it honestly sounds atrocious and you all might tell me ‘yeah but it was done on purpose’ and sure I know it was, but why? It just makes the song you already have, sound a hundred times worse.

Musicality wise the song is just an up tempo French-blues rock track and a bad one at that. The lyrics once translated are terrible and meaningless, and nothing happens at all. It’s just rinse and repeat. I saw a comment on the video saying that the guitar solo is ‘killer’… Have we forgotten what a guitar solo is? Because this one was rough as heck and wasn’t even a solo anyway… It was just a load of frenetically strummed power chords. Now the song isn’t all bad. The transitions are inventive, the organ is very catchy and there is a nostalgic feel… But I just can’t help feeling that if more effort was put into post production, then this track would be so much better. The vocal performance is okay but it didn’t float my boat and I don’t particularly like being shouted at when listening to alternate track.

All in all then I don’t recommend this track unless you’re a fan. I don’t know whether all this groups music is like this, but this has hardly made me want to go out and listen to more.

4/10 – Terrible production cut short the broad potential.


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