Half Decent ‘Still Getting Mine’ Song Review

Going into this track, I didn’t really know what to expect. Being a rapper, a DJ and producer, you know where the balance is going to fall upon. It’s also pretty rare that a rapper is his own DJ; a lot of people hunt down particular instrumentals from other producers and I have to commend Half Decent for his individualised approach. So shall we just dive into this track?

What an excellent way to start off the day! Now it’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of British rap purely down to the instrumentals often used in our music; they’re often thin and very lifeless. But I loved the instrumentals here; I felt a real 90’s/early 00’s urban vibe, similar to the Brooklyn scene around that time. But this track has plenty going for it…

Production wise the track is spot on. The beat sounded thick and wholesome, the samples never felt over-saturated or lazy, and the flow this guy has is remarkable (it helps when the mixing is as great as this). Nothing felt cheap or lazy, and I felt a real Mr Traumatik vibe from the whole track. I really appreciate that he used acoustic drum loops rather than electronic, I always think they add so much life to the production as well as sounding organic and raw.

Musicality wise this track is a whole lot of fun. Like I mentioned earlier, this guys flow is unreal. There are moments where he sounds a little like Tech N9ne, and others where he dramatises words a little like Professor Green. It’s great to hear the flexibility. I also loved how he didn’t stick to a mono syllabic structure, and instead had bars that started on the beat and ended on the off beat. The juxtaposition of flurried phrases and lines with more impact worked really well to vary up the verses. I even enjoyed the hook which I must admit, stayed stuck in my head all evening. The only thing I would of changed is perhaps the form. That’s because I love me a proper bridge and I just think it would of added more impact to that final chorus.

Lyrically the song is fantastic to decipher. It’s personal, it’s emotional and it’s just real. None of this glossing up or tackiness, just heavily reality based. This approach should be used more by plenty of other rappers trust me.

All in all then, I had a great time listening to this track. There are barely any flaws I can even highlight, and that’s even when I’m purposely looking for them. It will be on replay all this week I have no doubt.

G Rating: 7/10 – I can see this being in contention for independent track of the week…

I Rating: 7.75/10 – I can’t wait to listen to more by this guy, a ton of talent on show.


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