Shenseea ft. Vybz Kartel ‘Loodi’ Song Review

Yes, yes I know this track is hardly aimed towards me and my demographic but I thought I’d give it a review anyway. This site is dedicated to all music, not just the music inside my little British bubble or any f our journalists little bubble. In order for us to grow, we have to cover everything. That means new music from around the world, any genre, any amount of popularity, any time. So shall we see how we got on here…?

Yikes this track isn’t good, but, and this is a big but, it’s not nearly as bad as the reggae-pop attempts we’ve already had this month. When I think of acts like Keke Palmer and Mura Masa who have used steel pans and a Caribbean beat in the wrong ways, I just feel this track is a little bit better than that. I also liked the way the features bounced off of each other; no one felt tagged on and the song seemed to utilise both acts really well. However there are some glaringly obvious flaws throughout…

Production wise the track is horrible; everything has been mixed atrociously. The vocals often pop through the mix, the instrumentation sounds watery and programmed, and the whole thing just sounds thin; like an amateur production. The excessive amount of autotune is almost painful to listen to; we don’t just use auto tune to benefit a persons voice anymore, we use it to completely change it and I hate that.

Musicality wise the song is a little static but it’s not terrible; I’ve definitely heard worse. The rhythms and progressions used are hardly exploratory and the vocal melodies are just rinse and repeat. The chorus hook did sound great though and it is mighty catchy. Of course the form was terrible though hence why we literally got no bridge or pre chorus. This thing has been clunkily arranged and being a music reviewer who listens to over 40 tracks a day, it’s pretty darn obvious that whoever wrote this clearly didn’t have much imagination.

Lyrically the track is awful and grotesque to be honest…. Moving on….

All in all then, a pretty sub par track. But it did feel real and it’s be made by people who suit the sound; I much prefer the real thing rather than just a simple impersonation.

4/10 – Could of been so much worse in all honesty.


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