The Supersonics Interview (31/01/2016)

***RE-UPLOAD *** When we were first contacted by The Supersonics, we had no idea what to expect. However, as soon as the music begun, we immediately knew this was a group of hugely talented lads. They have a very refined approach to songwriting, intertwining groovy licks, booming drums and growling bass lines, whilst additionally creating captivating… Read More The Supersonics Interview (31/01/2016)

Soldier’s Of Fortune ‘Early Risers’ Album Review

The latest album by the self-proclaimed ‘anti band’ otherwise known as Soldier’s Of Fortune, is a rejuvenation, perhaps even a reinvention of the knuckle clenching classic rock genre that has fallen out of luck in the mainstream scene as of the last decade. With big distorted guitars, screeching vocals and high octane drum patterns, will… Read More Soldier’s Of Fortune ‘Early Risers’ Album Review