B-Leaguers ‘Death of a Western Heart’ Album Review

Going into this album, I barely knew anything about the group B-Leaguers. All I really knew about the group is that they are a self-proclaimed punk band from Lincoln. I love this approach going into unsigned music blind, because then I can give you guys the most accurate review without any prior complications. So let’s… Read More B-Leaguers ‘Death of a Western Heart’ Album Review

Enter Shikari ‘Hoodwinker’ Song Review

I’ve never been a huge Enter Shikari fan but I’ve always had a ton of respect for what they are doing in the rock music world. They’ve always been unafraid to explore new horizons with their music, whether it backfires or not. They have an incredibly devout following and their appreciation for experimentation is always… Read More Enter Shikari ‘Hoodwinker’ Song Review