Established: 2016

Parent Site: musicseason.org

The Year Of Music Season:

Music Season is a website with the goal of providing honest reviews on news, albums and gigs throughout the world wide scene. Whether it is the American Pop Punk genre of the early 2000’s or the the most recent album by your favourite jazz fusion band, we here at Music Season aim to provide a service that gives you a commentary on certain vocal points within the industry whilst also providing you a platform to keep up with the honest responses to the music being generated each day and placed upon our radios.

When originally started the site was a mere concept created by a couple musicians frustrated by the formula it takes to be noticed in the modern music world. After being in bands ourselves with varying degrees of success, we all agreed that the music had become secondary to every aspect we’d take towards making a career; this should never be the case. We had become so frustrated at spending all our time and effort looking for ways to give us exposure and to find an audience that the actual creativity had left us. So we here at Music Season also want to help with that, to give exposure and help to the smaller acts we think deserve much more and promote a new brand of great music allowing the musicians to keep that creativity we lost!

The String Buzz Establishment:

After Music Season was relatively abandoned by all four co-owners, one co-owner (Jacob Appleton) really wanted to get back into the swing of things once more by adopting the sites history into his own new idea. Now he wanted a more professional outlook, a more expansive scope and a more standardised approach. With guest contributors being at the heart of his approach, he wanted to make sure that this time, things would be done right.