Now on the site we will use a range of applicable ratings so that we can sum up a song to a manageable scale of comparison. This scale will allow you as a reader to debate, discuss, agree or even disagree with every thing and anything that is written on the site. If you don’t like the rating then tell us why in the comments or on our social media; we encourage interactivity and cultured debate. The ratings also allow you as a reader to identify the lamb shanks from the baloney, the cream from the mould, the good stuff from the bad stuff… Well that last one was a little weak.

Rating meanings:

G – General rating (including independent and signed)

I – Independent rating (only applicable to independent, unsigned artists)

L – Live rating (only applicable to independent artists about the live potential of their track)

GEP – General EP rating (an EP rating including independent and signed)

IEP – Independent EP rating (an EP rating only applicable to independent and unsigned)

GAP – General album rating (an album rating including independent and signed)

IAP – Independent album rating (an album rating only applicable to independent and unsigned)

P – Product rating

Now if you don’t see an acronym before the rating and just see the rating with a comment, then that is the signed-group rating. This rating applies to all professional bands and artists of whom it would be unfair to compare accurately to a band running the independent scene (due to funding and production).

Hopefully that isn’t too complicated and in the future I’m sure a better scheme will be introduced; we want the content of the article to be at the forefront and the rating to be the summary.