Death Cab For Cutie ‘Million Dollar Loan’ Song Review

Well this is a controversial track to put out in the current climate isn’t it? Being an adolescent British musician myself, I can say that American politics really doesn’t interest me all too much. I prefer to look at the funnier side of things in a balanced way, rather than get worked up about a… Read More Death Cab For Cutie ‘Million Dollar Loan’ Song Review

Coffea Strange Interview (26/01/2016)

***RE-UPLOAD*** Coffea Strange are a group of very talented people indeed. With a very select yet individual time, when they were brought to my attention I was incredibly impressed. They had a certain swagger in their originality, proud to showcase what they have and proud to state themselves as unique. Their drum sequences in particular… Read More Coffea Strange Interview (26/01/2016)

The Supersonics Interview (31/01/2016)

***RE-UPLOAD *** When we were first contacted by The Supersonics, we had no idea what to expect. However, as soon as the music begun, we immediately knew this was a group of hugely talented lads. They have a very refined approach to songwriting, intertwining groovy licks, booming drums and growling bass lines, whilst additionally creating captivating… Read More The Supersonics Interview (31/01/2016)