Youth Salute ‘Dig Up The Dead’ Song Review

With an upcoming album around the corner, it’s fair to say that the team here at String Buzz are pumped to hear what Youth Salute do next. ‘Shudder’, their last single, topped our track of the week chart last Saturday and for good reason… The song is fantastically powerful. However, with a reputation of quality,… Read More Youth Salute ‘Dig Up The Dead’ Song Review

Youth Salute ‘Shudder’ Song Review

Having previously interviewed these guys on our ex-parent site Music Season, it’s fair to say that their professionalism and their passion was immediately obvious to myself and the team. Having then heard their ‘Carry With You’ EP, it also became obvious that these guys are talented as heck; their style and sophistication was something to… Read More Youth Salute ‘Shudder’ Song Review