Top Track Rules!

This is a new feature that String Buzz will be running each and every week just to summarise the best (and worst) we have encountered during our reviews. There will always be three categories: best track, best independent track and worst track. Now if you’re an independent group and would like to be in the running for this, then send your tracks over to: The tracks don’t necessarily have to of been released during this week, but the track must of had it’s push and or come to our attention during this week. For example, if an independent track was released during last month but has only started making traction this week, it will be included in the running however, if a track was already on the rise dramatically before this week, then it won’t be in the running. No track will be in the running if it has been released over a month before the date which is labelled.

We want to continue pushing this segment out there each week and in the future, we’d like to think the award will become somewhat prestigious. If we can continue raising the support on the segment and can continue allowing it to rise, by this time next year we might be able to create some real awards, who knows.